Become a Supplier

JP Global makes it easy to become a Supplier.

If you are currently selling, harvesting, transporting, milling or exporting any of the following woods than we would be happy to go over how we can help setup a long term buying plan for your products.

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We Buy:

  • Fiji Pure mahogany
  • Fijian Pine
  • Fiji Yasi Sandalwood
  • Rare Exotic Fijian Hardwoods

Interested Suppliers should contact our account representative to get started.


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The Process is Simple:

  • Fill out an Supplier Account Registration Form
  • Provide the Required Documentation
  • Sign a basic Supplier Account Agreement
  • Arrange for a site visit
  • Start selling wood.


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Documents Checklist:

  • Completed Supplier Account Registration Form
  • Signed Supplier Agreement
  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Company TIN
  • Company FIRC ( Foreign Companies only)
  • Copy of Principals Passport ID
  • Tree Felling License (if applicable)
  • Saw Mill operator’s License (if applicable)
  • Current Mahogany License ( Mahogany suppliers only)
  • Export License (if applicable)
  • All other relative permits


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Getting Paid

JP Global collects letters of credit from all of our buyers for each order that is processed.  A letter of credit will put a bank certified hold on the paymn\ents due for goods delivered.

We supply each of our suppliers with a letter of Credit that guantees payment opon delivery based on the agreed upon terms. Once our buyers signs for the goods as delivered the money is released directly from the bank.

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Contact our Fijian Representative 


Albert Wong