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Suppliers Welcome

JP Global has and continues to build out a world-wide buying network for Fiji Forest Products.

Our buyers represent companies large and small that collectively purchase hundreds of millions of dollars of Pine, Mahogany, Sandalwood and rare hardwoods on an annual basis.


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Dedicated to our Suppliers

We have spent the last four years working with local land owners, businesses and government to build out a viable Fijian Forest Products business.

We have learned much about the people, the culture and the challenges that plague Fijian Forestry Markets.With that in mind we are working to help land owners get paid fairly for their resources and ensure a sustainable economic future for the Fijian land owners and businesses.

We are breaking down the barriers for international buyers by providing a reliable U.S based Company (JP Global LLC) that can be trusted to deliver Fijian products without the previous risk associated with doing business in Fiji.

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International Market

Thanks to our relationships with local land owners and business partners we are able to offer a single point of reliable purchase for all of our international buyers opening up the U.S., Europe and South Pacific markets to our buyers.

We are committed to superior customer service for our buyers focused on facilitating reliable, safe purchase and sale of all of our wood products.

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Getting Paid

JP Global collects letters of credit from all of our buyers for each order that is processed.  A letter of credit will put a bank certified hold on the paymn\ents due for goods delivered.

We supply each of our suppliers with a letter of Credit that guantees payment opon delivery based on the agreed upon terms. Once our buyers signs for the goods as delivered the money is released directly from the bank.


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Contact our Fijian Representative 


Albert Wong