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Products FAQ's


What Products do you offer?

We offer the following products in both log and sawn lumber formats:

  • Fiji Pure mahogany
  • Fijian Pine
  • Fiji Yasi Sandalwood
  • Rare Exotic Fijian Hardwoods


Who is JP Global?

JP Global LLC is a U.S. based company formed in the state of Delaware that is focused on Forestry Products from Fiji and the South Pacific islands

Our Global headquarters are based out of NY. Suppliers and Buyers can verify our company registration and formation through the State of Delaware registration site at the link below

We supply all of our buyers and sellers with credentials at the time of account opening including ID’s of the principals and letters of good standing from the state of Delaware.


Why JP Global?

We Buy Direct right from the source. 

We focus on a specialty market thereby we have the best pricing and can deliver a continuous supply of these products directly from the suppliers at a discounted Price.


What countries do you ship to?

We ship primarily to the United States. We can quote other destinations which will require adjusted terms and conditions.



What about Government Regulation?

JPG has established a strong relationship with the Prime Minister’s office, Department of Forestry, Customs and the Governing bodies controlling Mahogany, Pine, Sandalwood and exotic wood exports.

We work closely with these government agencies to ensure that all relative licenses, regulations and laws are followed accurately from the time the tree is harvested to the time it is delivered overseas to our clients.

The Fiji Government is committed to improving U.S. and international relations and has been a big help to us with regards to establishing a viable business model for our international buyers.


Who owns the wood plantation land?

Over 85% of the land in Fiji is owned by local villages and tribes known as the Yavusa and Matagali. Over the last four years we have made dozens of personal visits to the Tribal plantation lands to verify and inspect all of our timber and wood resources.

Together JP Global and the native Matagali have made long term commitments to providing our Forestry clients with mature sustainable wood product for years to come.


What about leased land?

Most of the Mahogany and Pine plantations on the island are owned by the Land owners. There are two main government run corporations that leased land from the landowner’s decades ago.

Many of the leases on these lands are expiring and the trees and land are being returned to the native land owners. JP Global is partnering with these native land owners to provide direct purchasing for our clients.


Are the Forests Accessible?

Our Forests are accessible for transport of logs and lumber. Many of the lands we partner with were set up and operated by government and have excellent access for equipment and transport of our wood products.


How does JP Global Harvest and Process the trees and timber?

We have partnered with many of the local harvesters, loggers and sawmills to help the natives with monetizing the resources on their lands. By partnering with local business and assisting with equipment purchasing we have built a reliable stable network for our buyers.


What kind of Mahogany is grown in Fiji?

Fijian Mahogany
Product Types

Product Types

Product Types

Indigenous hardwoods
Product Types

South Pacific Lumber
New age