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Who handles the Exporting our Timber and Lumber products?

Larger established Suppliers may provide their own export services, smaller less experienced mills and owners can use one of our approved export

If you are a buyer and have your own logistics and shipping department we can work with you to get you all the information you need to ship and
receive our products yourself.


What are my shipping options?

20 ft Container
40ft Containers
40 ft high cube. (Approximately 19, 35 or 40 cubic meters respectively)


What standards do you follow?

We provide forestry to U.S. based sawmills and lumber retailers. Our wood meet all U.S. specifications. Please see the Products section of this 

site for more detailed information on our induvial product lines.


What about all the Government Regulations?

All of our products meet the U.S. and Fijian regulations and standards for Forestry, customs and all other regulatory agencies.


What about Fumigation and other treatments?

All of our logs and sawn lumber meet all the required standards of fumigation and treatment as required by both the United States and Fijian
regulatory commissions.

What is your shipping policy?

We ship FOB and CIF depending on the buyers preference.


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