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JPG Mission

JP Global is committed providing a safe legitimate market place for Fijian lumber products.

Our commitment has required us to work with a variety of parties including, the Fijian government, land owners, sawmills, exporters and buyers from around the world.

We provide solutions to address the concerns regarding the execution of wood sales from Fiji and the surrounding islands to a world market place. 

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Benefits to the Suppliers:

  • Opportunity to generate revenue from the USA and oversees countries.
  • Access to Legitimate Buyers with excellent track records.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Favorable Payment terms.
  • Secure reliable payment transactions.

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Benefits to the Buyers: 

  • Competitive Pricing
  • High Quality Wood Products.
  • A single point of purchasing from multiple suppliers for our buyers
  • Direct access to Fiji Forest products at discounted prices
  • Verified Licensing and compliance with local government laws and requirements
  • Compliance with local customs requirements
  • Access to legitimate suppliers that have been vetted and have proven track records
  • Peace of mind that your products will be delivered as agreed

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Benefits to the Government:

  • Compliance with all local government codes.
  • Local business development and revenue generation
  • Increased presence in the international market place.
  • Proper business compliance for Fijian people.
  • Increase local wealth and wellbeing of the Fijian people and businesses.

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Long Term Relationships

JP Global is happy to be working with all of our local partners, suppliers and government ministries to create a smooth, profitable, legitimate business channel for the purchase and sale of Fijian and Pacific island wood products.

The JP Global solution creates a simple win, win situation for all parties.

We look forward to building and maintaining long lasting, successful, profitable relationships with all of our partners.

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Vinaka Vakalevu