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Buyers FAQ's


How do we become a Buyer with JP Global?

Becoming a Buyer is easy. Simply fill out the Buyer Account Registration Form, provide the required documentation and contact Albert Wong our representative on the island and arrange for a site visit.

What Documents are required to open a Buyer account with JP Global?


What do I need to put an order in ?

  • Completed Buyer Account Registration Form
  • Letter of Credit for each Order
  • Signed P.O. for each transaction
  • Signed Buyer Agreement
  • Bill of Ladding

What kind of lumber do you sell?

We sell :

  • Mahogany
  • Pine
  • Sandalwood
  • Exotic Hardwoods

These woods can be in the form of logs or sawn lumber. Specifications apply, please see the Products section of this site for more detailed information.

What are the JP Global Payment Terms?

We work with both our buyers and sellers to provide acceptable payment terms including deposits, letters of credit and final payment for goods and services.