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Buy Direct, get the best prices right from the source.  JP Global makes it easy to become a buyer. 


We Sell Direct

If you are currently buying any of the following woods than we would be happy to go over how we can provide competitive pricing:

  • Fiji Pure mahogany
  • Fijian Pine
  • Fiji Yasi Sandalwood 
  • Rare Exotic Fijian Hardwoods


Contact US

Ira Zepnick


The Process is Simple:

  • Fill out an Account Profile Form
  • Provide the Required Documentation
  • Sign a basic Account Agreement
  • Start buying wood.


Documents Checklist:

  • Completed Buyer Account Form
  • Letter of Credit
  • W-9 Form
  • Signed Base Buyer Agreement
  • Signed P.O. for each order
  • Account Form
  • Account Agreement
  • Purchasing Procedures